Climbing & Abseiling

Rock climbing and abseiling is extremely popular – it is exhilarating and a great way to enjoy the great outdoors. We can offer you sessions that guide you from making your first moves on the rock, right up to becoming an independent climber ready to take on whatever the cliffs and rock faces of Wales have to offer you.

Abseiling is simply a method of descending the rock face using ropes and a simple device called a figure of eight. Abseiling is also great fun and very popular. You can choose abseiling as part of your climbing session or undertake them in two different sessions, it’s your choice.

As with all activities we lead, we only use appropriately qualified instructors. All have at least three years post qualifying experience and climb for personal pleasure during their free time. Because we operate throughout Wales we can offer you one of the most extensive choices of climbing venue available.

  • Taster Sessions: This half day activity is perfect for beginners and groups alike. Your instructor will soon teach you the basic climbing moves and introduce you to the necessary equipment, and of course safety aspects of climbing. Climbing and abseiling works well as part of a multi activity package. Please ask for details.
  • The Full Climbing Experience: This is usually at least a full day – it is designed for people who want to learn more in-depth climbing moves and techniques. This is a great activity to fine tune your climbing experience and learn some new moves.
  • Climbing Skills Course: This is also a full day session. It involves developing your technical skills, learning more about the equipment involved and some basic safety rope work.