Coasteering is a massively popular activity. You need to be able to swim at least 10 meters confidently, and have a great sense of adventure. Coasteering involves climbing and scrambling along cliffs at about sea level. Sometimes you will have to swim short distances across a bay or rocky outcrops, and of course you get to jump from towering cliffs. If the big jumps are not for you then you don’t have to do them – there are plenty of smaller jumps to satisfy your adrenaline hit.

We provide you with a wet suit, buoyancy aid and water safety helmet – you just need you swimming gear, towel and some old trainers that you don’t mind getting wet.

The two most popular areas for coasteering are Anglesey and Pembrokeshire. I personally am torn between the two, I just can’t make up my mind which I prefer the most. There are numerous routes in both locations, from an introductory taste, to a full on adrenaline hit.

If you choose coasteering in Pembrokeshire we can offer you a chance of advanced coasteering. We take you on a kayak trip to remote beaches and islands to coasteer away from the crowds and expensive car park fees.