Gorge Walking / Canyoning

Gorge walking is everything your mother told you not to do. Jumping off rocks into white water rivers, sliding down waterfalls, swimming in rock pools and generally having a good time in fact. We have a wide selection of gorges we can access due to our extensive network of operational centres all across Wales. There are what are considered beginner gorges, right up to technical gorges that require rope work to conquer the challenge. Some gorges we travel down with the water flow and others we climb up the rapids and waterfalls.

We provide all the technical equipment  – all you need is your swimming gear, a towel, some shorts and some old trainers. All the gorge walking tours in Wales are a half day activity so can easily be tied in with another activity. Stag and Hen parties find this activity great fun and a great way to get the weekend going before the big night out. This is also an extremely popular activity on school residential trips.