Schools & Youth Groups

We can offer you an extensive range of activities and residential activity breaks all across Wales. We provide all technical equipment, and when you are on a residential activity breaks we provide all the transport to the activities. Prices are based on a minimum group size of 10 paying individuals – smaller groups can obviously be catered for but under a different price structure. Please enquire for a direct quote.

  • Single activity day, 2 activities: £46.20

On residential activity breaks you get one free leader place for every 10 paying participants. Additional leaders just pay the accommodation and catering costs, but no activity cost. Prices are for full catering and are based on a minimum of 10 paying participants.

  • 1 night stay with 2 activities: £96.20
    Additional leaders: £40.00
  • 2 night stay with 4 activities: £188.60
    Additional leaders: £80.00
  • 3 night stay with 6 activities: £274.80
    Additional leaders: £120.00
  • 4 night stay with 8 activities: £361.00
    Additional leaders: £160.00

For full details and sample programmes please just contact us on this web site or call:

01588 630123, 01588 630323 or 07866 630123