Sit on Kayaking

Kayaking has often been confused with Canadian Canoeing. We do also offer Canadian Canoeing and you can read about that on its own page.

Kayaking is an immensely popular outdoor activity and is a favoured staple for many outdoor centres. However, what we have discovered over the years is that many people get nervous about being enclosed in the closed cockpit of a kayak and have a great fear of capsizing. We have now converted our fleet to sit on top kayaks. Sitons as they are known are far more stable than kayaks and do not roll over anything like so easy. In fact you really have to try hard to tip them over.

You can learn all the traditional kayaking strokes and initial manoeuvres, so it’s a great introduction to the world of kayaking. Due to their incredible stability they are great for exploring rivers, lakes and even coastal waters.

We offer half day taster/ training sessions to full day expeditions and trips. You don’t need any previous experience, just a sense of adventure and the willingness to give it a go. Very popular with school groups as part of a residential activity programme or simply some family fun while on holiday.