Team Building

Outdoor Adventures: Team Building

Outdoor Adventures offers a range of team building events, so we need to discuss with you the aims of your event to plan the most appropriate activities for your event. The model we most employ is Belbin’s theory of     Team building exercises are an ideal ice breaker and also a good, fun way to spend an afternoon with your colleagues. We have a very wide range of unusual and challenging team builds that can be employed to either just get everyone together to have a shared experience and have some fun, or with a more formal delivery and review to stimulate the team building process at all levels.

Outdoor Adventures: Team Building, "Spiders Web"

Outdoor Adventures: Team Building, “Spiders Web”

Our initial discussions will identify the level of team build that you are looking for and identify your aims. This will then be introduced to your team on arrival and initial brief. At this time we will set aims and expectations, discuss peer group support and team working. Throughout the delivery of your programme our facilitators will enhance the development of a healthy team relationship through an ongoing review process. A final group review will then be undertaken at the end of the programme.

Team building sessions are available at all locations that we operate from throughout Wales and the boarder counties.

Outdoor Adventures: Team Building, "Wobble Board"

Outdoor Adventures: Team Building, “Wobble Board”



Team Day

This is for established teams to reward, review and validate progress. It is therefore not particularly in-depth and usually involves fun adventurous activities that provide a positive shared experience.

  • £80.00 per person per day
  • £50.00 per person per half day (or part there of)

Basic Team Building Day

For new or recently formed teams to understand their “Belbin Team Role” and explore how that fits most effectively into the team. We facilitate development of working relationships and help form a development plan. This course is often used by companies who have just formed a new team, expanded or re structured. One of the programme aims is to accelerate the “getting to know you” process, thus saving valuable time rather than the rather slow process of this taking place in the work environment. Teams will be able initiate working practices through the course to take back to the work place improving their effectiveness and confidence.

  • £90.50 per person
  • £60.00 per person per half day (or part there of)
Outdoor Adventures: Team Building, "Blocked"

Outdoor Adventures: Team Building, “Blocked”

Management Development Day

In-depth course designed for management teams to fine tune working roles and aspirations. This programme is very much designed individually to focus on specific areas that the customer has identified. One of our trainers will consult with you directly to discuss your needs, then design a bespoke programme to meet those needs.

  • 1 day: £150.00 per person
  • 2 day: £285.00 per person
  • 3 day: £390.00 per person
Outdoor Adventures: Team Building, "Gorge Walking"

Outdoor Adventures: Team Building, “Gorge Walking”


Senior Management Development Day

Designed to refine and streamline the working practices of senior management teams. Sometime at a senior management level it is possible to become “Bogged down” in long established habits and practices within the team, making it difficult to be innovative and creative – both valuable characteristics at a senior level. We will support you in refreshing the team and enabling it to identify a new positive working strategy. Our trainer will make a post course visit to review your outcomes or advise on the implementation of any strategies if necessary.

  • £280.00 per person
Outdoor Adventures: Team Building, "Product Assembly"

Outdoor Adventures: Team Building, “Product Assembly”

Outdoor Adventures: Team Building, Locations

  • Conwy
  • All Snowdonia Centres
  • Pantienion Hall
  • Wilderhope Manor
  • Brecon
  • St Davids
  • Manorbier
  • Broad Haven